The Inclusive Journal: Cultivating inclusive behaviours through daily habits

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We started this work because inclusion is the responsibility of every single one of us to uphold. Our aspiration is that this journal will be a starting point for us to begin evaluating how we individually are impacting the inclusion of people around us.


The Inclusive Journal will help you build these inclusive behaviors

  • Adopt more inclusive language
  • Bridge the gap between your impact and intent
  • Diversify your perspectives
  • Create more inclusive meetings
  • Build humility
  • Become a stronger ally

We recognize that the Inclusion Journal is only a starting point in your lifelong journey. We are only scratching the surface with this journal and hope this first step will inspire you to continue your education. For each behaviour, you will first be introduced to the concept. Then to understand what you should look for and change, we have included a section for you to conduct an audit of your current behaviour. This exercise of upfront introspection is critical for you to build self-awareness around a particular behaviour. There is no growth without self-awareness. This daily practice enables you to explore your actions, understand their impact, and learn from them.

“When we listen and celebrate what is both common and different, we become a wiser, more inclusive, and better organization.”
- Pat Wadors

The Inclusive Journal

Curated with care, designed with intention, and printed with the highest quality.

Editor: Sammilit

Release Date: January 2022

Format: 148 × 210 mm (5.8 × 8.3 inches)

Features: Hard linen cover, 200 pages

Designed in Canada.

About us

We are Diana Luu and Kalsang Tanzin, together we started the Inclusive Journal. Inspired by our immigrant parents' stories, our journey as women leaders in tech, and the social justice movement for inclusion and equity. We began The Inclusive Journal to help those committed to inclusion, learn and grow.